About Us

ASAX AGENCIES CC is owned and managed by Mr P.A. Singh, who has 34 years of industry experience. Mr Singh believes in a hands on approach to designing and manufacturing tailor made solutions for his customers. Below is an overview of the tools, machines and solutions we provide.






•Saw Blades From 80 mm Diameter Onwards
•Rip And Multi Rip Saws
•Trim And Cross Cut Saws
•Combination Saws
•Hollow Tooth Saws
•Split Scorers And Solid Taper Scorers
•Aluminium And Melamine Cutting Blades
•Circular, Diamond And Frame Saws
•HSS And TCT Saws
•Frame Saws
•Plate And Inserted Tooth Saws
•Panel Raise Cutters
•Finger Joint Cutters
•Style And Rail Cutters
•Custom Profile Cutters
•Grooving Cutters
• Spindle Moulders
•Four Side Moulders
•Radial Arm Saws
•Sanding Machines
•Panel Saws
•Edge Banders
•Boring Machines
•CNC Routers

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